Welcome Visitor!

Thank you for visiting Calvary Missionary Baptist Church's website! We hope that your experience on our site is helpful as you seek to discover more about our Church. 

There are many churches to choose from in our area, but we contend that Calvary is a special and unique assembly of believers. Our uniqueness can be seen in things like our uncompromising commitment to God's Word, our traditional worship, and our deep desire to be faithful to the Great Commission.

Overarchingly, we believe and seek to live by the scriptural truth that “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” We believe that the way this is accomplished is through making much of Jesus, His Son. Therefore, we seek to be Christ-centered in our worship, preaching and teaching of the Word, community, prayer, missions, discipleship, serving, and in every other way that we function.

Our Vision Statement is as follows: "Calvary Missionary Baptist Church for Christ- His Glory, His Word, His Body, and His Mission!"

Though we are imperfect, like every church, we are seeking to be a church that is faithful to Christ in all that we do. We are seeking to keep His command to make disciples of all nations, starting right here in Henderson, KY. 

We would love for you to visit us if you haven't already. It is our hope that you will find Calvary to be a place to make your church home. We pray for you as you consider this possibility.