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Posted on July 12, 2014 .

Lifelong Marriage?

Blog-post from Desiring God:

". . . I will be faithful to you

In plenty and in want,
In joy and in sorrow,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
As long as we both shall live."

Read David Mathis discuss the cultural wisdom of the "7-year-itch" versus the biblical wisdom of a "lifelong marriage" *here.*

Posted on July 1, 2014 .

How Do You Prepare for Sunday?


Two Common Mistakes

Here are two common errors we can make.

"At times, we can prepare as spectators. We come mainly to watch, not participate. It’s like how I prepare to go see a sporting event."

"We can have the same attitude as we come to our Sunday gatherings. We come with the expectation, spoken or assumed, that everyone else needs to make sure we have a good time. I need my kids to be taken care of. I need people to seek me out. I need the music to sound a certain way. I need the preacher to stop speaking on time so that I can get on with my life. As for Jesus?"

"For some of us, we prepare for our Sunday gathering as workers."

"Preparing to meet with our church becomes an assessment of what we need to do rather than an excitement for how God might meet us. Maybe our gatherings even become a place where we derive our significance and self worth because of all the ways we serve, rather than a privileged opportunity to be with our family."

So how should we prepare?


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Posted on March 31, 2014 .

How Can I Be Sure I'm a Christian?

In this article you will find questions answered such as: 

1. Assurance of Salvation—Is It Possible?

2. Having Doubts about Your Salvation?

3. What Is The Basis of Assurance?

4. What Is Inner Confirmation?

5. What Are Signs of Eternal Life?

6. What Is A Spiritual Mind-set?

7. What Are Things That Erode Our Assurance?

8. What Are Common Problems with Uncertainty?

9. What Is a False Assurance of Salvation?

10. What Do I Do If I'm Still Not Sure?

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Posted on July 30, 2013 .