The Calvary Baptist Church of Henderson, Kentucky was organized in May of 1965 under the leadership of several Baptist families of the community...

...the church was constituted on June 6, 1965 with 69 members. The congregation applied for membership in the Green Valley Association and was accepted on June 6, 1965. Bro. Bob Marine was called as the first pastor of this church in May of 1965. This small group of 69 members began to grow and we held meetings at the National Guard Armory on three Sundays of the month with a meeting in the park on the fourth Sunday. As the weather began to change, we knew we had to make different arrangements. We had a small amount of money and soon we found a small building on Madison Street to rent.

We felt God was blessing us because of our growth and spiritual fellowship and soon the building on Madison Street was too small. We voted to send out a scouting committee for land. We wanted to build permanent building and continue our labors for the Lord. The parcel of land we located was 2 1/2 acres on Green River Road owned by S.C. Frields who consented to sell it to us. On November 6, 1966, we broke ground for our new church. The selling of bonds in the amount of $47,000.00 financed this building. On February 19, 1967, we held our first services in the new building with 119 in Sunday School. Shortly after this, we purchased additional land and erected a parsonage. 

We were a new church and growing. In august of 1969, we called Bro, James Alderson as our pastor and in October 1971, we called Bro. Raymond Rideout as our pastor. Under the leadership of each on of these men, we continued to grow both in number and spirit. 

In June 1974, Bro. Robert Haire came to be our pastor. Under his leadership, we began construction in 1975 on a new building that would house additional Sunday School rooms, a fellowship hall, a larger kitchen and additional bathrooms. With pledges and donations totaling $8,000.00, we built the Educational Building and on May 2,1976, we held our first classes in the new building. It was completely debt free and to prove the blessing of God we still had $8,000.00 in the building fund. We spent that money on major improvements to the auditorium. 

We were still growing and in December 1980, we broke ground to begin construction on a new auditorium that would seat 450-500 persons. This was a major undertaking and a great expense. When we finished the auditorium and paved the parking lot, we had spent about $270,000.00. 

The blessings of God continued to pour out on us and on August 9, 1981, we held our first service in the new auditorium. This building was paid off in about 3 years and we celebrated in May 1985, with a "note burning". 

After this phase, there were different pastors that faithfully served us: Bro. J.E. Hail, Jr., Dr. John T. Simpson, Jr., Bro. Ferd Elfreich, Bro. Larry Jennings, Bro. David Simpson, Pastor Matthew Fowler. 

There have been many lives touched through the life and ministry of this church. As we look to the future, we cannot stay in the past. We must move on. There are other lives to be touched and souls to be won to Jesus. We should rejoice in the opportunity God has given us. Great things have been done in the life of this church. Greater things can be done for the glory of God. Together we must claim the victory that is ours and tell our Jerusalem (Henderson County) to the ends of the earth about the salvation that is in Christ!